Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Is your man bored with your pussy?

Men love new pussy, so if your man is bored with your pussy don’t despair. In an ideal world you would throw away your current pussy and buy a nice new one, but sadly this is not an option. So, what do you do? Fool him into thinking that he is getting new pussy.

First, cease giving him the pussy with immediately effect! Sometimes your pussy will feel new to him after he has been denied it for even a few days. If you usually shave your pussy, let some hair grow back on it – it will feel like a different pussy to him (unless he hates pubic hair). If you have lots of pubic hair, shave it – again it will feel like new pussy to him. My man, he loves a big curly Afro (he’s a freak) but I trim my pussy hairs every now and then just so that he can feel like he is getting new pussy.

There is nothing like a tight pussy, so start doing your pussy aerobics and get that pussy as tight as possible. Occasionally give him a semi-dry pussy, the added friction will make him think he is getting new tight pussy. Use sexual positions that show your pussy at its best: ride him, put your feet on his shoulders – whatever. If you are a fuller-figured woman and you can’t do anything but the missionary position, don’t worry - just try to bring your knees up a bit…the higher the knee, the tighter the pussy.

Good luck!

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