British entrepreneur Kevin Williamson, desperate to put some space between himself and events in the UK, travels to the sunny island of Barbados for a much-needed break. The last thing he needs is to feel an attraction for a woman who seems to embody the term ‘diva’, before he even gets off the plane.

Barbadian Kimberley Collins has lived a life in the spotlight as the only daughter of a prominent politician, her pampered existence envied by many on the small island. After three failed love affairs she realizes that she will probably never be loved just for herself, that the wrong men will always be drawn to her because of her father’s position and power. The last thing she needs is to feel an attraction for a foreigner who may have come to the island to prey on na├»ve local women, to charm them with his slick Western ways and leave them heartbroken.



Did you spend your school days in a daze, so in love with an unattainable boy or girl—who didn’t even know you were alive—that you couldn’t eat or sleep or study? Were you the overweight girl who no one asked to the school dance, the electronic whizz kid everyone called a ‘nerd’, the boy who kissed a girl on a dare and was never forgiven, the shy student in love with your teacher, the twin overshadowed by a more fabulous sibling? Have you blossomed and found your place in the world? Do you ever wish that you could do it all over, that you could have a second chance at first love? These couples did. And so can you!