Abigail Foster is thrilled that her husband David is returning home for the holidays. He’s been recently injured in the line of duty in Afghanistan and although he says he’s fine, she needs to see him to reassure herself that he didn’t sustain any lasting injuries. 

Anticipating days and nights of bliss, she’s shocked when he turns up with Corporal Lawrence Pickering in tow. The man may have saved David’s life, but she has not seen her husband in months! How can they enjoy the perfect homecoming she’s planned when the other man is in the bedroom next door and the walls of their home are as thin as paper? 

And why is Mr Pickering so tall…so strong…and so good looking?



Held under virtual house arrest by Matthew Reynolds, her late father's business partner, Natasha Wainwright is offered a chance of freedom if she's willing to act as a spy on his rival, enigmatic billionaire Remington Ross. 

Natasha desperately wants to be free of the much-older, ruthlessly controlling man, but Remington is the last man on earth she wants to tangle with. Ten years ago she gave him her virginity and then broke off their relationship without explanation. They haven't seen each other or spoken since, but she has avidly followed his meteoric rise to the top. 

Seducing the billionaire is the only way to get close enough to obtain the information Matthew requires, but to uncover Remington's secrets she risks revealing secrets of her own, including one he is not likely to forgive her for. 

Walking away again would be more than her bruised heart can bear, but Matthew is not a man to be trifled with. He will retaliate, if double crossed. Can Remington keep her safe from a man who’s not afraid to fight dirty and will go to extreme lengths to exact his revenge?



Bryce likes to prey on BBW women. They are usually so grateful when he pays them the slightest attention they literally bend over backwards for him. 

When he meets Lorna, he assumes she will be just another notch on his belt. 

He has no idea that she recognizes game when she sees it and will slowly but surely turn him out!



Dee and Nina have been best friends since they were little girls and have what everyone thinks is the perfect friendship. In reality Nina is insanely jealous of Dee's blissful nine-year marriage to childhood sweetheart, Oliver - a man Nina has wanted since she was thirteen.

How far will Nina go to steal her best friend's husband? Would she:

a) Tell him that Dee's been unfaithful to him.
b) Give him a blow job that blows his mind.
c) Murder Dee.
d) All of the above.

How well does Dee know her best friend? Will Nina resort to murder to get what she wants?

Surely not!



Frustrated with not being laid, a desperate Petra calls an escort service as a special birthday treat to herself.  Webman, an unlikely superhero comes to her rescue and gives her a night to remember. He's worth every penny she pays him, but is he all he seems?

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