Friday, 21 August 2009


I never understand why two or more women share one man. If anything men should share a woman, especially a woman who has reached her sexual peak. I am less than two years away from mine and I am already seriously thinking of looking for a younger man for some threesome sex.

My boyfriend is getting on a bit since he hit his mid-thirties—not able to cum three, four times a night like he used to. He is also now too controlled for my liking. He mostly orgasms when he wants to, and not when I want him to. Years ago I had several tricks up my sleeve and could surprise him into cumming at my will; now he knows them all – even the thing I do with my vagina when I am on top.

I do not want to let him go—I love him too much. And a younger man would not have his particular expertise. I just need a boy toy, someone young enough for me to play my tricks on.
My boyfriend is the jealous sort and will not like another man in bed with us. But it is not as if I am asking him to sleep with the other man. I simply want my boyfriend’s expertise and a younger man’s enthusiasm; his supreme control and a younger man’s lack of control; his one or two orgasms and a younger man’s five or six.

Or they could just make a man sandwich with me in the middle as the filling.

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sanah1974 said...

time tide and cum waits for none... cheers