Thursday, 4 March 2010


Men are sometimes too worried about their penis size and women about their bodies and not having tight enough vaginas, but what they forget is that the people in bed in them choose to be there.

Women: a small penis can be an asset, so don’t dismiss a guy when he drops his pants and you think there isn’t enough to satisfy you. I nearly made that mistake once and I am so grateful I didn’t. The small-cocked guy turned out to be very, very enthusiastic in bed and more than made up for the lack of inches in other areas. Plus, because he didn’t make me sore we could go on for hours if we wanted to.

Men: the same rule applies to a woman who may not be as tight as she used to be due to age or childbearing. Don’t see this as something negative; see it instead as opportunity to go on for that much longer. Premature ejaculators, in particular, should relish this state of affairs, as it is a less hostile environment than a tight, grasping pussy.

At the end of the day, most of us just want to come. It is so much better when the trip is pleasurable but ultimately the destination (coming) is what we have in mind when we start the journey. So, work with what you have and work it well.

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thimbleguy said...

Brilliant, kind, constructive, and I love it.