Wednesday, 24 June 2015


I like erotica to tease me, stimulate me, titillate me but never totally satisfy me.  I use it as preplay—something to get me in the mood for a night, or day, of fun and frolics.

It’s not something I want to read on the way to work or during my lunch break.

Fifty Shades of Grey is not erotica to me.  It’s romance, erotic romance at best.  But what publishers have noted is that erotic romance sells better if they are categorized as erotica.  And because they are longer works, readers can’t help themselves—in a world where ‘more is more’, they go for length.

Turned Out! was a 4000 word BBW erotica short I previously published on 27th November, 2013.  It was meant to be kinky and funny, but some readers didn’t appreciate my warped sense of humour.  4 out of 6 reviews were positive, but two readers gave the book 1-star reviews.  I could have gone with the majority vote, but after some consideration I realized that it might not be a true reflection of readers’ thoughts.  I don’t give bad reviews.  If I don’t enjoy a book, I simply think that it wasn’t written for me and leave it alone.  That got me to thinking - perhaps there are readers out there who do the same. With that in mind, I looked for ways to improve the story.  It’s now a 12000 word slightly less erotic story which I hope you will enjoy.

If, like me, you preferred the shorter, nastier version, do nothing.  For those of you who wanted more, here’s your chance—Turned Out! is available for FREE download June 24 -28, 2015.

All reviews appreciated.  Thank you.

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