Saturday, 3 September 2011


I published the first edition of Bedtime Erotica on 12th December, 2005. A lifetime ago, and yet in some ways it feels like it was yesterday. I still remember the excitement of holding the advance copy of my book in my hand and the feeling of satisfaction that swept through me. I was finally a writer. A self-published writer, but a writer nevertheless!

A few bad reviews soon burst my bubble of euphoria. I found myself focussing on them, instead of the larger number of positive reviews. I knew the book had flaws; I was already working on an updated version, but it was tough to receive reviews which gave no credit for my storytelling.

Today I'm so much stronger! I embrace all reviews, accepting whatever praise or criticism they offer. I've learned the most from some of my bad reviews, but I simply ignore the ones which seem written of out sheer spite. I know my value as a writer and I know that there are fans out there who get my particular style of writing. I don't ever expect to appear on a bestseller list, but I've sold 24859 Kindle books since Sep'10 and 8086 paperbacks to date. I'm not about to stop writing because of a bad review or three.