Monday, 18 June 2007


Rather than get out of bed on Saturday morning I lay in bed and watched some porn DVDs a friend had lent to me the previous week. It was while watching these videos that I finally realized the difference between erotica and porn.

We, writers of erotica spend endless hours trying to craft our stories – needing to explicitly convey our thoughts to the reader; the makers of porn are rightly more concerned with imagery, but most of them spend too little time on the storyline.

I watched three DVDs – a total of about three hours and fifteen minutes and I only found about twenty minutes arousing. Makers of straight porn seem to be working to the same script at the moment. Woman meets man – woman drops to her knee and sucks man’s cock – man sucks woman’s pussy (or not) and then he fucks her in both the pussy and ass. There was no real interaction between the parties in these DVDs. No sucking of nipples or fondling of breasts while the actual fucking was taking place, neither was there any kissing. Hours of seeing a cock entering a pussy or ass can be as boring as a fart! The unrealistic noises some of women made are so annoying I had to sometimes turn off the sound.

So, porn makers, give us some variety, PLEASE!!!!